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The Hire Good

Empowering Social Impact Through Talent Acquisition 

Expertise in Product, Design and Engineering Search 

The Hire Good is a boutique retained search and talent consultancy serving sustainability and social impact startups as well as tech enabled nonprofits. As a LGBTQ Woman - led enterprise, we are the embodiment of commitment to excellence, agility, and social responsibility. Specializing in connecting talent with purpose and passion, our mission is to leverage our extensive recruiting expertise to build diverse teams that are working towards:


  • Enhancing Life's Essentials: We engage with innovators across bioscience, healthcare, housing, and education to ensure that technology serves the broader populace, not just a privileged subset.

  • Fighting for the Planet: Recognizing the real and present dangers of climate change, we actively connect tech talent with companies committed to making tangible environmental changes.


With a specialization in tech for good and inclusive hiring, The Hire Good serves organizations using technology to positively impact the world. Our extensive experience with Seed to C startups and tech enabled nonprofits affords us a unique understanding of the insights and connections necessary to build a team with lasting success.


At The Hire Good, our work transcends mere staffing. We strive to forge connections that ignite innovation, promote sustainability, and contribute to a world in which we can all take pride.

We understand the unique challenges of startup hiring

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